Friday, July 3, 2009

About Us

Pag-Ibig Fund Philippines have only one aim which is to serve the member of HDMF in the Philippines by providing easy access information about Pag-Ibig Fund matters and information through information dissemination and making them available through online inquiry.

Please be reminded that we are not the agency of the Philippine government which incidentally bears similarity with our name. We or the authors of this website does not have any affiliation or relation to the HDMF or Pag Ibig Fund itself or any of its employee or officers. Again, we are independent and we post contents here through internet research.

We do not claim ownership of any or all content our visitors or viewers can see in this website and any content you find here which you own should you want them removed from this website provided that you can show us proof of your ownership and our infringement of it will be gladly removed. We are here simply to educate people, no more no less.


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